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Bible Believers Missionary Baptist Church is a welcoming congregation. We desire that every person who walks through our doors, both believers and non-believers, feel the warmth of our members. We
pray that the praise, worship, and camaraderie of our fellowship will uplift them. Although we live in a world overrun with sin, we also believe Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sins through His death on the cross. Therefore, all those who believe in Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection have received forgiveness from God and a new spiritual life. The Holy Bible is the authority and compass that guides our daily lives.

Rev. Dr. Larry Reeves

About Pastor Reeves

Rev. Dr. Larry Reeves is a native of Little Rock, AR, and was raised in the Baptist faith at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church of Little Rock.  He has served in leadership capacities in several churches over the past 40 years, including Music, Board of Christian Education, Trustee, and Deacon ministries. He served in a dual capacity as the Care Pastor of the Second Baptist Church of Santa Ana and the Campus Pastor of Second Baptist Church in Lake Forest from March 2016 until February 2022. He has worked as Interim Pastor of Bible Believers Missionary Baptist Church since March 6, 2022. He and his wife Jacqueline have successfully filled a leadership void that has enabled the congregation to move toward its spiritual vision for the church and the community again. Dr. Reeves graduated from Little Rock (Arkansas) Central High School and received a bachelor's degree in journalism from Arkansas State University. He holds a Master's in Human Resource Management from Chapman University and a Master's in Church Ministries from Liberty University. He earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from New York Theological Seminary, specializing in New Member onboarding and incorporation into the church body.

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