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Our History

BBMBC History

April 1994: Charter Ministers: OL Hegmon, Monte Parrish, Norman Calvin, Steve Bluford; Mark Hammond. Charter Deacons: William Thomas, Charles Walker, Henry "Bob" Bradshaw, Amett Patterson, Emest Bridges, John Evans. Charter Members: Janet Bluford, Daniel and Delphine Bradford, Danta and Kristal, Sandra Bridges (Eric and Evan), Cynthia Bell, Sarah Thomas, Anna Titus, Herman Nathaniel, Nancy Evans, Carolyn Truby. Diane Hammond, Sister Dorothy Walker, Yvonne Stewart, Lou Ellen Guidry, Earl Jacobs, Beverlyn Calvin, Virginia Clark, Dorothy Hicks, Kristi Gayle, Leroy and Carolyn Hilton, Earl and Ruth Jacobs, Monte Parrish and Jessie Parrish, Monty Parrish, III, Jayia Parrish, Daivid and Bertha Sightler, Mary Simmons, Yvonne Stewart, Mary and Dorian Taylor, Ametta White, Christine White, David Deville, Connie Guyness, Geraldine McCuller Sharon, Shayna, Amesha Patterson, and Valerie Williams began meeting in several homes, as a Bible Fellowship in Cerritos, CA. 


May 1994: The Bible Fellowship was relocated to the Elks Lodge, Downey, CA. Membership has continued to grow over the years. 


August 1994: The body voted to secure Kennedy Elementary School, in Cemtos, as a place of worship and the Cerritos Senior Citizen Center for Wednesday evening Bible study. Membership grew to include Deacon and Sister Charles Walker. 


August 1994 to October 1996: Pastor Emeritus Oliver Louis Hegmon served as Interim Senior Pastor 


November 1994. After a Membership vote, Bible Believers Missionary Baptist Church (BBMBC) became the official name. 


1995: Development of Constitution and Bylaws was initiated. The following Church Officers were elected: Moderator: Deacon Arnett Patterson; trustee: Olie King, Nathaniel Bonner, Daniel Bradford, Jean Johnson Bell, Herman Nathaniel, Church Clerk: Sarah Thomas, Treasurer; Anna Titus, Financial secretary: Rhonda Deville, Church School Superintendent: Deacon William Thomas, Minister of Music: Beverly Calvin, advisory Council: Deacon Ernie Bridges. 


February 1996: As part of the Southern Baptist Conference, a Pastor Search Committee was established. 


April 1997 to April 2000: Rev. Mark Hammond served as Senior Pastor. 


April 2001 to February 2008: Rev. Robert L. White, Jr. served as Senior Pastor. Under Pastor Whites leadership: The Church Vision Statement was developed; Heart 2 Heart Single Mother's Ministry 


February 2011: The Church moved from Cerritos to Lakewood. Fellowship was at the "The Way Christian Fellowship facility". As part of the Southern Baptist Conference, a Pastor Search Committee was established. 


August 2011 to May 2021: Rev. Lester Eugene Barrie served as Senior Pastor. Under Pastor Barrie' leadership: Shepherd's Ministry was developed to minister to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of church members and family. Also the Adam and Eve Ministry was developed. 


2012-2014: Communty Health Fair was Co-hosted by BBMBC and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. 


December 2014: Three new deacons were ordained - Deacon Marcus A. Bedford Sr., Deacon Daniel Bradford, and Deacon Gibert Melton. 


June 2016: Ministerial staff at Bible Believers Missionary Baptist Church Increased to include Rev. Trinette Barrie, Rev. Mary Marie Egland, Rev Denise Hightower, Rev Dr. Bruce Pettaway, Sr., and Rev. Shay Pettaway. 


November 2018: BBMBC host a Women's Retreat in Diamond Bar, CA. Theme: Discoming The Voice of God. 1 Samuel 3.8-10 


June 2019: BBMBC host First Community wide Prayer Vigil. 


June 2021: Bible Believers relocated its worship to the St. Mark's Episcopal Church campus in Downey, CA. 


March 1, 2022: Rev. Dr. Larry Reeves was installed as Interim Pastor with a supporting staff of Ministers, Deacons, and Deaconesses In Training. 


March 2022: Lance Stubbs joined and Edward Egland rededicated his life to Christ. 


April 2022: Rov, Guy Wright came on board with a focus on Mission and Men's Ministry 


August 13, 2022: Ann Taylor, Anne Johnson, Vashti Creekmur and Gertrude Lewis were consecrated as Deaconess 

Minister Marcus Egland entered the ministerial training program and preached his first sermon. 


October 4, 2022: The Sharing and Caring Ministry was developed to help Households in need of assistance for Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday meals. 


October 25, 2022: Wednesday nights prayer/ Bible Study was re-structed to include zoom and on site at BBMBC. 


December 25, 2023: Infant, Adrian Jenkins was dedicated to the Lord. 


February 19, 2023. Geneva Harris, Blanche Cook, Sandra Bridges, Mary E. Clayborne-Bedford were consecrated as Deaconess. 


March 4, 2023: Home Bound and Nursing Home program revitalized to visit and encourage BBMBC members; as well as community members who are living in Acute Care Centers or home bound. 


May 2023. Monthly minister meetings began; as well as, a continuance in regular meeting with ministry leaders/members. In addition, Pastor Reeves has implemented administrative processes to foster working together in unity and humility, commitment, heighten awareness of opportunities for evangelism outreach and discipleship.

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